Makefile naming is important/annoying

I just spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out why my makefile wasn’t working.

Letsencrypt and Dreamhost

There’s a great step by step guide for setting up letsencrypt certs on dreamhost here! This post will parrot most of the stuff that it says with a few highlighted points that tripped me up.

Grant Read Access to Everyone in S3

Just a quick note on how to do this as it was a little tough to find.

Get React working with Browserify and NPM without Gulp or Grunt

Why are there so many build tools in the front-end world? It seems needlessly complex. Anyway I have decided to take a simpler approach with my latest React project.

Manipulating Colors in Go

This took me a while to figure out so I figured I better document it.

Type conversion VS type assertion in go

Just learned an interesting subtlety about Go. There are two ways to “cast” values. I put cast in quotes because one isn’t really casting but it’s just the general term I always use for saying “change on type to another one”.

I'm dumb or at least naive about encryption

I just completed my first challenge in Go! It turned out better than I thought it would and I’m pretty proud of it. I had a working version or, at least I thought I did, a week or so before the end of the challenge. There were just two unit tests (provided by the challenge author) that were failing and it wasn’t clear to me why. Only after reading up on public key encryption did I realize that it’s entirely one way.

rbenv and gem binaries

Figured I’d give GitHub Pages a shot which means I need to set up Jekyll. That means I need to install Ruby, as the version install on my Mac is pretty out of date. After some quick googling it appears that managing ruby versions with RVM is out as the version manager and rbenv is in. That brought about some minor confusion.